'..in PASS 1---------------------------------
 if typList[tc] = tkWHILE 
 else if typList[tc]=tkWEND
end if

'..in the run
 if typList[tc] = tkWHILE 
    if resWhile = vNO 
 end if
or better ---------------------------------
'..in PASS 1
 if typList[tc] = tkWHILE 
 else if typList[tc]=tkWEND
end if

'..in the run
 if typList[tc] = tkWHILE 
    if resWhile = vNO 
        tc=jumptarg ... Read more »

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First graphic program in micro(A).It is well known fern fractal, i made it after i tested rnd() function

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ONE TRANSISTOR FM superhet tadio

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I think that should look like this ,BF199 not oscillate enough, so i will try rewind toroid like OP does.

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picol - Tcl in ~ 500 lines of code.

yes i like such a small but useful programs,,,here is not case BASIC-like then TCL interpreter

author says:

  • I wanted to write an interpreter with a design similar to a real one. One of the few useful things you can do with picol is to learn how to write a Tcl interpreter if you are a newbie programmer I guess, so the point was to write a simple to understand program.
  • The resulting interpreter should be able to run some kind of non trivial program, to set few vars and print hello world was not an option.

...and yes i agree with him

Similar thing should be made with BASIC like interpreter for sure.

If i have some time i would like to translate this C source code to BASIC

here is the code:

/* Tcl in ~ 500 lines of code.
 * Copyright (c) 2007-2016, Salvatore Sanfilippo <antir ... Read more »

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I never publish this circuit before but i will now.

It is simple super regenerative synchro receiver.

Is build with two RF transistors of which you can use






or any other for VHF range , also you may try with two 2N3904 ~  ft 300MHz

I use C839 i have at hand.

Layout of circuit is very critical which means that oscillator should be shielded with

PCB area ground like with soldering islands .



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Easy and simple to build double biquad TV antenna ch 21-69

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here is JOmy batwing antenna 2.4 ghz

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