Marry Christmas & Happy New Year

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micro(A) binary

or look on FORUM under microA Interpreter


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this is my first video i ever made ,sorry on my crappy english 
i hope that you enjoy..he he if ,,anything just  :D

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micro(A) interpreter on sourceForge


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AUREL EDITOR : Code editor for micro(A) Programming Language


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In FORUM you can find o2compiler versions A043 and last 028.which are archived

I don't have in plan to support o2compiler with my editor directly but can be used with it, as it main

purpose is as general purpose open source code editor .

Currently i have version for QB64 and NaaLaa and RCBasic.

If you interested for binary relese send me email on aurelw[dot]wiz[at]gmail[dot]com

and i will send you link for download.

In BLOG are many electronic projects.

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If you interested for new programming languages you may look here:

micro(A) programming language here

AurelEdit RCBasic windows version.


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