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ONE TRANSISTOR FM superhet receiver

ONE TRANSISTOR FM superhet tadio

This a update from my previous post about one tr ratio detector.I fially get it to work as it should but using excellent BFR91A transistor.I tried with BF199 which is also good HF transistor but not work well in this case as BFR91A.

This is a story about types which one is for specific purpose.

So in general in this circuit we must use VHF/UHF transistors with high gain and small internal capacitance to avoid troubles with oscillator because this is superheteodyne radio and as such must have quality oscillator in my case on 3V. You may try with different voltages.Also which transistors u can use ,from my experience every type which is comercialy used in VHF/UHF antenna amplifier should work like:







For toroid i use small from old fluorescent home lamp 15W.



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